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Ticketbooth teams up with Adelaide’s LGBTQIA+ Feast Festival

Featured Image: Tristan B. on Unsplash

Australian ticketing agency Ticketbooth has formed a digital ticketing partnership with Adelaide’s Feast Festival. 

Sydney-based Ticketbooth is part of the Leap Event Technology suite of products, with the then Patron Technology acquiring the business in 2019. Patron rebranded as Leap Event Technology this time last year.

Feast Festival is an LGBTQIA+ event held annually, celebrating diversity, art and culture. The event attracts over 500 artists that identify as LGBTQIA+ and will offer a programme of events including visual art, spoken word, theatre, cabaret, comedy, live music and more. It will run from November 9-24.

Leap Event Technology and Ticketbooth will provide the festival with a white-label solution, which will offer organisers the ability to facilitate and manage ticketing, marketing and payments, while also presenting the opportunity to analyse customer data across hundreds of venues and events from a single point of view.

Organisers will further benefit from exclusive data and insights for each venue or event organiser.

“Feast Festival is very excited to partner with Ticketbooth in 2024. Their innovative platform will add value not only for our event organisers, but also for the Feast management team and our festival attendees, as Ticketbooth offers a professional and seamless experience for all parties involved,” said Tish Naughton, Feast Festival’s chief executive, according to Ausleisure.

“We’re grateful for a partnership that supports a small non-profit arts organisation, and with Ticketbooth’s assistance we hope to increase our efficiencies and better manage the many moving parts of Feast Festival.”

Ticketbooth’s senior director of partnerships and sales, Louis Rogers, added: “The Ticketbooth team is incredibly excited to be working with such a prestigious and dynamic festival. We are equally excited to be providing the kind of sophisticated ticketing solution that such an event demands.”