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UK Music survey discovers improvements to inclusivity in industry

Featured Image: Sankhadeep Barman on Unsplash

UK Music’s recent 2024 Workforce Diversity Survey has shown significant progress made in the areas of gender and ethnicity.

The survey had 2,874 respondents from across the music industry and aims to give a snapshot of those working behind the scenes.

It found that the representation of women in senior positions has risen from 40.4% in 2020 to 48.3%, while a total of 53.8% of people who participated in the survey identified as a woman.

The number of black, Asian, and ethnically diverse respondents aged 16 to 24 also rose, with a substantial increase from 23.2% in 2022 to 40.6%.

“We have seen steady progress on increasing diversity across the music industry since we launched this survey in 2016, with further significant improvements year on year,” said UK Music diversity taskforce chair Ammo Talwar MBE.

“That’s down to some of the brilliant initiatives in the sector that are driving change and those organisations that have led the way with integrity and transparency.

“However, there is still loads more to do – and we need the next Government to be fast and fearless when it comes to working with us to tear down the remaining barriers.

“The socio-economic data is especially concerning, with figures for those working in the music industry whose parents came from a professional background above the national average. We need to do more to ensure that we’re getting talent from every walk of life.”

The report concluded with a call to support the diversity requests in UK Music’s Manifesto for Music.

It urges the next UK Government to develop a comprehensive strategy for growth.

The report wants the government to extend the limitation period for discrimination or harassment claims under the Equality Act 2010 from three months to six months.

It also calls for mandated reporting of ethnicity and disability pay gap data and commission an independent review into how police and local authorities react and respond to black music events.

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