Burnley appoints Ticketmaster as exclusive ticketing provider

Featured Image: Fånga Images on Unsplash

Championship football club Burnley has brought in Ticketmaster as its exclusive ticketing provider for the 2024-25 season onwards.

Burnley previously utilised Advanced’s ticket management and e-commerce software Talent. 

The partnership with Ticketmaster will aim to enhance the ticketing experience for supporters, by providing a more streamlined and efficient process for purchasing tickets. 

“We found that Ticketmaster Sport best aligned with our requirements and fans’ expectations,” explained Burnley’s head of ticketing, Chris Parkinson.

“At Burnley Football Club, we are very keen to embrace technology as much as we possibly can and felt Ticketmaster’s position as market leader will allow us to access the latest ticketing trends and technologies.”

Focusing on a number of key areas, the partnership will prioritise improved mobile ticketing, easier ticket purchasing and elected customer service. 

Parkinson added: “We’re confident supporters will find the platform easy to navigate and have a smoother online experience. Supporters will be able to manage their account and tickets online to self-serve a number of key features, without the need to contact the ticket office.”

Burnley was relegated from the English Premier league at the end of last season. The side will begin its Championship campaign in August, with fixtures to be announced in the coming weeks.

Earlier this month, Ticketmaster Sport also announced it had partnered up with League Two club Port Vale. Ticketmaster had previously worked with the team for its victory in the 2022 League Two play-off final at London’s Wembley Stadium.