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Australia’s GAE to launch new booking agency

Featured Image: Andre Moura

Australian local live music business General Admission Entertainment (GAE) has announced plans to launch a booking agency. 

The booking agency will aim to break down barriers faced by artists in South Australia. GAE will offer a traditional artist roster and self-managed service.

Artists that sign with GAE will be able to maintain control over their bookings, while benefiting from the company’s network and access to professional resources.

GAE was founded in 2007 by Gareth Lewis and Aaron Sandow, who have also owned grassroots venues and promoted festivals. The business has supported festivals such as Parklife, Soundwave and Groovin’ the Moo.

“Since 2007, Aaron and I have been working in and around the South Australian music industry, whether it be producing shows for interstate and international promoters here in Adelaide or creating our own,” said Lewis, as per The Music.

“We see first-hand how tough it is to make a living as an artist based in SA [South Australia]. Awesome acts are so often overlooked in favour of their East Coast peers for no other reason that they just aren’t part of the scene, we want to help shift the dial on that.”