Digital tickets coming to Craven Cottage as Fulham signs with Ticketmaster

Featured Image: EL Loko/CC BY 4.0

Fulham Football Club has enlisted Ticketmaster Sport as its official ticketing technology partner for the 2024-25 season which will result in digital season tickets being used for the first time at Craven Cottage.

It is hoped that the partnership will help the Premier League side enhance the fan experience with the digital passes. They can be stored on smartphones and are claimed to allow for smoother access to the stadium on busy matchdays.

“We are delighted to partner with Ticketmaster Sport, which will provide the Club’s new ticketing platform,” said Fulham’s head of ticketing Katy Brecht.

“The Club is committed to making the online ticket purchase experience and physical entry points at Craven Cottage easier and simpler for our supporters.

“With the immediate introduction of a new flexible operating platform and digital ticketing, we’re looking forward to working with Ticketmaster Sport to achieve our shared commitment to future innovation and a best-in-class experience that befits the Club and our fans.”

Supporters will also now be able to see views from seats before they purchase as Craven Cottage will be rendered into Virtual Venue. The technology recreates stadiums with 3D technology.

Ticketmaster will also make transferring tickets to others easier through its ticket transfer option when holders are unable to attend a match.

“Our team has been working closely with Katy to make sure everything is prepared for the new Premier League season,” said Ticketmaster Sport managing director Chris Gratton.

“We look forward to teaming up with Fulham FC again, delivering our market-leading digital ticketing solutions and excellent client service to support the club’s ambitions.”