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MVT calls for football-style ticket levy as England progress 

Featured Image: Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

The Music Venue Trust (MVT) has called for a ticket levy similar to that of the English Premier League, as the England men’s national football team prepares to face the Netherlands in the semi-finals of UEFA Euro 2024. 

MVT noted that a small levy on stadium tickets is passed down through the levels of football to grassroots, helping to nurture younger players on their way to becoming national stars.

Ahead of England’s victory over Switzerland last weekend, MVT took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to begin a conversation on implementing a ticket levy to support grassroots music venues in the UK.

“As the England team head towards the Euro quarter-final, we’re reminded that top-tier football teams in the UK invest a small levy from stadium tickets back into supporting the smaller clubs that feed the talent pipeline,” said MVT.

“A small levy on stadium tickets to ensure that the UK keeps creating national heroes? It works for football, so why not music?

“They nurture young talent at a grassroots level, and support finding it in every corner and community, so that every kid – from every walk of life – has a chance to walk out onto the biggest stage and do what they do best.

“The simple question is: Why can’t we have the same for music that they have for football? A £1 levy on stadium and arena tickets for concerts would generate millions of pounds of vital income to ensure that the UK keeps creating national heroes.”

One user commented that while they understood where MVT was coming from, they noted that there was also not enough funding filtered down towards grassroots football.

MVT has repeatedly called for a levy on tickets for live music events at major arenas and stadiums to support grassroots music venues and artists.

England will play the Netherlands tomorrow (Wednesday) at 20:00 BST (21:00 local time).