The function: 

The Access Management team provides services and solutions relating to the ingress and egress of people and vehicles at the Wembley stadium. The Access Management team will ensure policies and procedures are in place for ticketholders, accreditation holders and accredited vehicles for a safe and secure entrance and exit from the venue. Solutions will be provided to ensure there are methods of validation including the authenticity of the approved access devices and the device holders to ensure a high level of safety and security is maintained at the venue.   

 Fixed Term Contract from 19th April to 14th July 2021

Key responsibilities: 

  • Deliver the access management concept within the venue, with the consideration of the venue specific requirements and any special measures related to COVID-19 
  • Coordinate with the EURO 2020 project team onsite to ensure the requirements are met in terms of access 
  • Confirm the planned flows and access routes for each target group entering the venue are still valid and ensure that these are in line with the event mobility and transport plansWork with the spectator experience team to ensure the relevant services are in place for the operation 
  • Provide core documentation to aid and support the EURO projects/suppliers, detailing the agreed access processes and procedures  
  • Coordinate with the Safety, Security and Service (SSNS) team to ensure the configuration of the accesses complies with the overall SSNS plan 
  • Work with the Accreditation team to ensure appropriate access rights are in place for accredited staff based upon their function 
  • Liaise daily with the Venue Manager and access management core team (remote support) 
  • Gather and coordinate all access management materials needed to implement access procedures 
  • Work with IT to ensure the “Global Access Control Solution” is in place and functioning   
  • Ensure the delivery of the access control check points in the venue. Monitor that the positions are active according to the agreed steward deployment plan, the check points are equipped with the necessary equipment and the staff are trained according to their role in access control 
  • Develop and provide overarching access management training to the stakeholders involved in managing the flows and access (incl. stewards and security staff) 
  • Plan and allocate various daily tasks to the access management venue team (incl. volunteers) 
  • Provide troubleshooting support for access issues 
  • Submit daily reports and debriefs (incl. statistics) according to provided guidelines and deadlines 

Experience required: 

  • Proven experience in an access management or similar role 
  • Previous experience in sports event organization or knowledge of the Wembley Stadium  
  • Microsoft Office proficient (specifically Excel) and must have the ability to familiarize quickly with IT systems/software 
  • Strong communication and presentation skills  
  • People management experience 
  • Ability to remain calm and perform well under pressure