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  • #TBF22 Guest Spotlight: Hartshorn-Hook Enterprises
    In the countdown to #TBF22, we’re highlighting some of the VIP guests that will be joining us in Manchester for TheTicketingBusiness Forum in July. This time around, we spoke to Thom Sellwood, head of sales and ticketing at Hartshorn-Hook Enterprises. Sellwood joined Hartshorn-Hook Enterprises in December 2020, where he took ...
    Date: 18 May 2022
    19 hours ago
  • #TBF22 Guest Spotlight: Burnley Football Club
    In the countdown to #TBF22, we’re highlighting some of the VIP guests that will be joining us in Manchester for TheTicketingBusiness Forum in July. This time around, we spoke to Chris Parkinson, ticketing manager for Premier League football club, Burnley.  Parkinson took on a new role as the ticketing manager ...
    Date: 27 Apr 2022
    3 weeks ago
  • #TBF22 Guest Spotlight: Royal Opera House
    In the countdown to #TBF22, we’re highlighting some of the VIP guests that will be joining us in Manchester for this year’s TheTicketingBusiness Forum. This week, we spoke to Neil Jones, head of ticketing at London’s Royal Opera House. Jones has been the head of ticketing at the Royal Opera ...
    Date: 13 Apr 2022
    1 month ago
  • #TBF22 GUESTLIST: Rightsholder. Venues. Promoters… Who will you meet?
    Our 10th birthday party guestlist is taking shape – with more venues and rightsholders than ever joining us in July as we explore together the future of entertainment’s ticketing eCommerce ecosystem. In the past week, for example, we’ve confirmed senior decision-makers from organisations as diverse as Ascot and AsiaWorld-Expo, through ...
    Date: 04 Apr 2022
    1 month ago
  • #TBA22: Nominations Open
    Calling all innovators, pioneers and visionaries! Nominations for TheTicketingBusiness Awards 2022 open today. For the 7th edition of the industry’s most prestigious Awards, entries are invited across nine open categories – covering operations, sustainability, marketing, venue tech and more. For full details see the Awards section. Or, if you are ...
    Date: 31 Mar 2022
    2 months ago
  • #TBA22: Awards judging panel unveiled
    With nominations set to open later this week, we are delighted to unveil the Judging Panel for TheTicketingBusiness Awards 2022 (#TBA22). Our sincere thanks to these fantastic, industry leaders who will be casting their votes to determine this year’s – the 13th annual – Awards winners (left-right): Mark Davyd, ...
    Date: 29 Mar 2022
    2 months ago
  • #TBF22 Guest Spotlight: Birmingham City Football Club 
    In the countdown to #TBF22, we’re highlighting some of the VIP guests who will be joining us in Manchester. This week we spoke to Aamir Javaid, head of ticketing for English Championship club Birmingham City FC. Javaid has worked in numerous positions across Birmingham during his almost nine years at ...
    Date: 25 Mar 2022
    2 months ago
  • #TBF22 Guest Spotlight: Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club
    In the countdown to #TBF22, we’re highlighting some of the VIP guests who will be joining us in Manchester. This week, we spoke to Joel Spicer, ticket operations manager for Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion.  Spicer has been with Brighton for almost seven years, having started in 2015 ...
    Date: 11 Mar 2022
    2 months ago
  • #TBF22 Guest Spotlight: Theatre Tokens 
    In the countdown to #TBF22, we’re highlighting some of the VIP guests who will be joining us in Manchester. This week we spoke to Nathan Naylor, head of Theatre Tokens, on how ticketing will change for theatres and the arts. Theatre Tokens is a gift voucher scheme run by not-for-profit Society of ...
    Date: 04 Mar 2022
    3 months ago
  • Guest Spotlight
    In the build up to The Ticketing Business Forum in July this year, Florian Hartmann, director of constituent services for the Special Olympics World Games, discusses the agenda for the sporting event. Taking place in Berlin in June this year, the Special Olympics World Games is a multi-sport tournament featuring ...
    Date: 25 Feb 2022
    3 months ago
  • #TBA21: Awards Winners Announced
    Australasia’s LEIF (Live Entertainment Industry Forum) won the prestigious TheTicketingBusiness of the Year Award at the TheTicketingBusiness Awards 2021 at Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester. LEIF was formed in 2020 by Australia’s biggest promoters of entertainment and sport, venue managers, and key peak bodies as the sector pulled together in ...
    Date: 03 Dec 2021
    6 months ago
  • #TBF21 Preview: Programme Release
    The #TBF21 full programme has been released today. Featuring 30+ speakers, the delegate list*, the Awards’ Finalists, all of our sponsors and partners – and the timings for everything that we’re doing in Manchester, the 94-page PDF is the essential guide to where the industry is and where it’s going! ...
    Date: 26 Nov 2021
    6 months ago
  • #TBF21 Preview: Ticketing the Rugby League World Cup 2021
    With the postponement of the Rugby League World Cup into 2022, the tournament’s Head of Ticketing, Shah-Zeib Ahmed has the role of dealing with – initially – the refunds process while still building towards the biggest and best RLWC ever. Sharing insights into the original sales strategy – and how ...
    Date: 10 Nov 2021
    6 months ago
  • #TBA21 AWARDS: 2021 Finalists Announced
    TheTicketingBusiness is delighted to unveil the Finalists for the ticketing sector’s 2021 Awards. Our congratulations to all of our finalists for making the shortlists. It’s been a difficult and challenging time for our sector but across the nominations we’ve found no shortage of endeavours which we should collectively recognise, throw ...
    Date: 04 Nov 2021
    7 months ago
  • #TBF21 Preview: You don’t need Blockchain for secure, traceable tickets
    “Blockchain has many possibilities for the live event and ticketing industry, but it’s not the only way to secure tickets,” explains #TBF21 guest speaker Lyubomyr Nykyforuk, PMP-certified Project Manager, Softjourn. “While blockchain technology has the potential to resolve many ever-present threats plaguing the event industry, you are not stuck with ...
    Date: 28 Oct 2021
    7 months ago
  • #TBF21 Preview:Marketing Ideas, Results and Inspiration
    Segmentation. Targeting. Retargeting. Privacy. Campaign Evaluation. Multi-Channel. Just a selection of hot topics in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. But, says #TBF21 guest speaker Martin Gammeltoft, CBO, Activity Stream: “At the centre of it all is the ability to capture, connect and use data to sell tickets and engage ...
    Date: 28 Oct 2021
    7 months ago
  • #TBF21 Preview: Secure, interactive digital tickets for Live Events
    Promoters, teams and venues are embracing digital ticket fulfilment services to bridge the many data and service gaps between purchase and event access. These mobile-first, digital tickets are increasingly used as a brand communications platform and a marketing channel for pre-, during and post-event interactions. Sharing insights into the growth ...
    Date: 22 Oct 2021
    7 months ago
  • #TBF21 Preview: If ever there was a time to engage audiences, it’s now!
    We’re delighted to welcome back to the speaker line-up Bart Wiley – a familiar (and very fan-centric) face to our community over the years. After 20 years with the Seattle Sounders organisation wrapping up as Chief Business Officer for the MLS team, Bart now serves as the CEO, North America ...
    Date: 22 Oct 2021
    7 months ago
  • #TBF21 Preview: Engage via 3D to Maximise Conversions
    Our friends at 3D Digital Venue have supported the Forum from its first edition – and they always have something new to dazzle the audience each year. 2021 is no exception with the Spanish-based 3D specialist set to showcase its Season Ticket Renewal & Relocation Tool, powered by a 3D ...
    Date: 15 Oct 2021
    7 months ago
  • #TBF21 Preview: Accessibility and ticketing’s challenge
    “Accessibility issues prevent audiences from being able to interact with your website, engage with your content or purchase tickets, memberships or shop products. Typically these issues begin on the home page and, given the inherent complexity of ticketing, it’s perhaps unsurprising that accessibility issues exist throughout the ticket-buying process too.” ...
    Date: 13 Oct 2021
    7 months ago
  • Welcome: Smeetz, the dynamic pricing experts
    Among the many new partners for #TBF21, we are delighted to welcome Smeetz – the ticketing and pricing specialists for visitor attractions and tourism destinations. Founded in 2017, the scale-up Smeetz offers cultural and tourism actors a dynamic ticketing and pricing solution based on artificial intelligence. Its clients include renowned ...
    Date: 12 Oct 2021
    7 months ago
  • MEET TIX: Adapting – and growing – in the pandemic
    There are probably not many ticketing companies which decided to expand to new markets – and grow their teams with all those associated costs – during the pandemic. But, aware of the risks, the plucky Icelandic arts ticketing supplier (and 2021 Forum partner) TIX did just that. “We took ...
    Date: 01 Sep 2021
    9 months ago
  • Awards: Nominations now open!
    After the toughest of years, who deserves some recognition?Nominations open today for the fifth annual TheTicketingBusiness Awards.  Who are the heroes, the innovators and the visionaries who guided us through? And what are the great campaigns, platforms and ideas which helped us in the toughest of times? NOMINATE NOW The post Awards: Nominations now open! appeared first on TheTicketingBusiness ...
    Date: 23 Jul 2021
    10 months ago
  • Awards: 2021 Judging Panel
    We’re coming out the other side of a global pandemic which has impacted our business, our colleagues and our clients on an unprecedented scale. As we look to restart – and ahead of this year’s Forum – we’re looking to recognise the heroes, the innovators, the visionaries and the ...
    Date: 14 Jul 2021
    10 months ago
  • Survey: Restarting our ticketing journeys
    Ahead of this year’s Forum, we took the opportunity to survey our global ticketing community to identify and track the key issues for our sector. The information will help us to develop the conference programme for December but also, at this critical time, offers some collective insights into the ...
    Date: 16 Mar 2021
    1 year ago

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