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SecuTix says COVID-19 will fast-track digitalisation

SecuTix believes the COVID-19 crisis has created a “new reality” for the industry which will lead to an acceleration of digitalisation.

In a message to its own employees and external clients, the global SaaS ticketing and audience management firm highlighted three key themes – stay safe, new revenue streams and resilience and adaptability – that will shape the future of the sector based on more than 100 interviews with partners.

David Hornby, managing director at SecuTix UK and Ireland, said: “Our vision is still as relevant today as when we defined it many years ago – ‘Empower our Partners to Take Control of their Ticketing Distribution and to Engage with their Audiences’.

“Part of our DNA at SecuTix is innovation and constant evolution. As such we have been listening and working hard to evolve our products.”

In terms of safety, SecuTix said those involved in live events must ensure public health rules are adhered to, and also address the impact of public fear of joining mass gatherings. Secutix said technology enablers that can help adjust to the “new normal” include tools to ensure there will be empty seats between customers, as well as time slots to control the entrance flow to limit proximity of fans. SecuTix also mentions the use of its Health n Go blockchain-based technology, which can be used to distribute health certificates in line with government and corporate needs.

In terms of new revenue streams, the company has seen opportunities in virtual seat and content sales to monetise streaming content within the existing online customer journey. New merchandising products have also been highlighted as an opportunity for clients, such as selling VR cardboard with virtual tickets.

With the uncertainty around cancellations, postponements and possible new lockdowns,
SecuTix also noted the importance of adaptability and resilience. It states that the technical ability to build in flexibility for uncertain event planning to on site execution will be key.

SecuTix added that there is the requirement for “a highly flexible ticketing system accommodating for planning and executing last minute changes that will become the norm. Tools to communicate in real-time with audiences is paramount.”

Expanding on adaptability and resilience, SecuTix said the COVID-19 shutdown of events has seen the requirement for mass and bulk operation capabilities such as the automation of refunds and cancellations. SecuTix also pointed to the ability for firms to redistribute acquired revenues, such as donations or vouchers en masse.

Marc Mazzariol, vice-president of product at SecuTix, said: “The COVID-19 crisis has created a new reality, changing the sport, live entertainment and museums industries. While already well underway, SecuTix foresees an acceleration of the digitalisation trend as a result of this historical event.”