Live Music

Bandsintown and Midia Research report demonstrates strong demand for live music

Featured Image: Danny Howe on Unsplash

Midia Research, in partnership with live music discovery platform Bandsintown, has unveiled a new report on post-pandemic live music audiences, which demonstrates that 39% of concertgoers will attend more gigs in 2023.

Bandsintown now has over 80 million registered live music fans, an increase of 10 million from last year, with 585,000 registered artists.

The research is based on a survey of 2,691 live music fans in the US and the UK, and revealed that rock is the most popular live music genre, and 65% of gig-goers said it was among their top three preferred genres. However, the 16-19 age group prefer pop (68%) as their top live genre.

According to the report, fandom is the primary driver for attendance with 90% of respondents citing this as their top reason for attending live shows. 

The post-pandemic push for shows has shown that concertgoers are set to attend more events this year than last year, while only 15% anticipated that they would attend fewer shows. 

Tatiana, Cirisano, senior music industry analyst and consultant, Midia Research, said: “The post-pandemic return to touring has brought a mix of headlines. Tour sales for superstars are skyrocketing, but fans are growing increasingly frustrated by rising prices and ticketing hassles. 

“Our latest report cuts through the mixed messages, providing the most comprehensive view of post-pandemic live music audiences yet. The takeaway is clear: there is high demand for live music experiences, but these fans cannot be taken for granted.”

Kriss Thakrar, consultant, Midia Research, added: “The results from our live music study clearly show that there is no replacement for fandom. It is the driving force for the live music industry, and it will become increasingly important for younger audiences who are more selective about their live experiences. 

“While fandom pulls people in, the cost of tickets is what will push them away. However, the overwhelming majority of fans are planning on spending more or the same on live music, showing there is no shortage of demand in the post-pandemic live music business.”

Fabrice Sergent, co-founder and managing partner of Bandsintown, said: “Despite the challenges for more established artists, revealed in this landmark study, explosive demand for live experiences, together with online discovery platforms, provides an unprecedented opportunity for rising acts to build fandom and sell tickets and merch.”