Dutch podcast discusses Free Your Mind vs TicketSwap legal battle

Featured Image: Luuk Wouters on Unsplash

A podcast from Dutch radio station 3voor12 has reported that dance festival organiser Free Your Mind has accused TicketSwap of misleading users, by using its Secure Swap logo. 

In court, Free Your Mind demonstrated through a video that a merchant sold more than 400 tickets through marketplace TicketSwap. Free Your Mind has also accused TicketSwap of being ‘sloppy’ with the price of tickets and the presence of traders rather than fans, while also claiming that TicketSwap has purchased tickets itself to trade them later.

Secure Swap means that TicketSwap invalidates the barcode on the seller’s original ticket and generates a new ticket for the buyer, with a completely new barcode.

In De Machine, the podcast from 3voor12, TicketSwap co-founder and chief executive Han Ober said: “Everything is being called, but in essence Free Your Mind wants us to pick up all their events from our website and make resale impossible. Because no legal basis is possible for this, all cases are now being added. Which makes no sense.”

Podcast presenter Atze de Vrieze asked about the misuse of the Secure Swap logo when purchasing a ticket, and also asked if TicketSwap bought tickets to sell later.

“We don’t buy tickets at all,” said Ober. “We offer a platform for fans who can safely sell their tickets. We never own those tickets.”

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