Fan Fairness Coalition vows to continue momentum

Featured Image: Orna from Pixabay

Following the news that over 75,000 live music fans have contacted lawmakers to demand action over ticketing, the Fan Fairness Coalition (FFC) has marked one year since the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on competition in the ticketing market. 

The 75,000 figure is an increase on the 72,000 that was revealed earlier this month, and is a result of the FFC’s ‘The Monopoly’ campaign that was launched in December. The FFC is a non-profit organisation that is aiming to support fans looking to change the way in which they purchase live event tickets online.

In January last year, following the events surrounding the Taylor Swift Eras Tour pre-sale, Live Nation and the ticketing industry were the subject of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, DC.

Live Nation Entertainment president and chief financial officer Joe Berchtold was backed into a corner by sharp criticism of the concert promoter and its subsidiary Ticketmaster.

The FFC marked the committee hearing as a step forward, and a year later has vowed to continue the momentum towards change.

“One year ago, Republican and Democratic lawmakers came together to start their process of holding Ticketmaster accountable for its anticompetitive practices that have hurt fans of live events,” said FFC president and Republican antitrust attorney Mark Meador.

“While we still have a long way to go, we continue to build momentum in our work to protect fans by breaking up Ticketmaster and Live Nation. The time to act is now. Since our launch in November, the bipartisan Fan Fairness Coalition has helped more than 75,000 fans across America contact their lawmakers to demand action. And we’re just getting started.”