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West Brom thwarts Chelsea fans seeking Hawthorns home seats

West Bromwich Albion has responded to fears that Chelsea fans could buy up tickets in home sections for Friday’s English Premier League match.

Chelsea fans are hoping to see their team secure the league title at The Hawthorns, with just one win now needed.

It is reported that tickets are being sold on the secondary market for six-times face value. A ticket for the game at The Hawthorns is worth £39, but were being sold on eBay for £500 a pair and on Twitter for £200 each, according to the Express and Star newspaper.

West Brom have taken several steps to ensure safety in home sections by not releasing any tickets for general sale. Instead, the club will only sell seats to members that have a history of buying tickets to watch the club.

Since the club cannot prevent supporters reselling their seats on the black market, additional West Midlands Police officers will be stationed throughout the stadium, while stewards will be told to spot any Chelsea fans in the home section.

Additionally, West Brom has asked fans to act responsibly on Friday, and said they will eject anyone putting the safety of themselves and those around them at risk.

Chelsea has two games remaining, with only one win needed to secure the Premier League title. In the last five games at The Hawthorns between West Brom and Chelsea, the home team has only lost once.