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Surreal report reveals entertainment offerings important to Brits

Featured Image: Magnus Lunay on Unsplash

Surreal, a Melbourne-headquartered provider of live entertainment management software, has revealed that an entertainment offering positively affects where Brits choose to go out. 

According to its latest report ‘Understanding Consumer Sentiment Towards Live Entertainment’, 61% said entertainment offerings are key to choosing a destination. Some 98% of the respondents also said that they would pay for live entertainment, though organisers need to judge carefully as 40% also said that they see live entertainment costs as prohibitive.

Over half of the respondents said that they would be attracted to live entertainment at bars and restaurants through special ticket prices such as early bird discounts. Some 39% would also be attracted by drinks promotions, and meal/drink and ticket packages.

Almost three-quarters of Brits responded to say they went out to see live entertainment, with live music and DJs being the most popular choice (61%). Some 52% said the theatre, 44% opted for comedy, 26% said quiz nights and bingo, while 17% said dance was their favourite form of live entertainment.

“For two-thirds of people, the top reason for watching live entertainment is the experience overall rather than the actual act having a large fanbase,” said Jeremiah Siemianow, co-founder and chief executive. “We know, from experience of delivering tens of thousands of live events through our platform, that customers want to build a relationship with venues. To achieve this, you need to develop an exciting and consistent entertainment offer, build partnerships and incentives, as well as demonstrate your support for artists and the community.”

Professor Garry Crawford from the University of Salford, whose research specialises in culture, audiences and fans, added: “As humans we particularly enjoy the social coming together that live entertainment brings, whether it’s a gig, a football match or a competitive quiz night.

“Forming bonds with venues that replicate the excitement and emotion from seeing live entertainment is a core part of being a fan. We seek familiarity and community from venues that make us feel safe, appreciated, and provide profound experiences. Venues that build strong communities around entertainment offerings will benefit from longer term support from customers as fans.”

Surreal launched in the UK earlier this year with backing from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), and a number of clients including Boxpark, Eclectic Clubs & Bars, and Dirty Bones.