Love Saves the Day reduces waste by seven tonnes in 2023 while committing to ticket discounts

Featured Image: Love Saves the Day

Featured Image: Love Saves the Day

Bristol-based music festival Love Saves the Day has reduced waste by seven tonnes last year compared to the 2022 edition, according to its latest sustainability report, and has encouraged locals through a discounted ticket scheme.

The event achieved 10 of its 11 sustainability targets for 2023, which was its 11th edition, including improving energy efficiency, increase shuttle bus usage, and raise climate awareness.

The sole aim that was missed was to increase the recycling rate by 10% as it rose by just 1%.

Despite this, a recycling rate of 53% last year still enabled the event to further reduce waste compared to the 2022 event.

“Love Saves the Day (LTSD) is both a two-day party and an event that nevertheless takes its environmental goals very seriously,” read a statement from the organisers.

“LSTD is run by Team Love, whose environmental initiatives extend beyond this event into others it runs, and into the local community itself.

“Love Saves the Day Festival has demonstrated a passionate drive for a greener festival with a focus on best practice going forwards. The team have shown excellent efforts and a clear determination to continue to improve, to protect the environment and enhance positive stakeholder connections.”

A number of different schemes were employed to make the event more affordable with 514 discounted tickets claimed by local residents and six low income tickets claimed.

Love Saves the Day has also been awarded “A Greener Festival 2023 – Commended” status by event sustainability organisation A Greener Future.

AGF attended to externally assess the event and calculate its full carbon footprint.

The certification indicates that Love Saves the Day is a “well-managed, environmentally aware festival going beyond expectation to make positive change”.

In 2024, the festival’s organisers are aiming to increase food sustainability credentials, increase the recycling rate by 7%, grow its local fashion campaign, and keep the event as affordable as possible.