Live Music

Glasgow named world’s No.1 ‘gig tripping’ destination

Featured Image: Planet Cruise

Scottish city Glasgow has been ranked as the No.1 city in the world to see live music according to a new study.

Travel operator Planet Cruise’s research on ‘gig tripping’ analysed places around the globe based on five core factors to help holidaymakers decide where to go. Lyon and Zurich in France and Switzerland respectively also made the top three.

Glasgow scored highest with a total of 3.33 out of 5. Per 100,000 people, it boasts 7.02 live music bars which was the sixth highest number, and led the way on music arenas a gigs with 4.31 and 61.94 respectively.

The average hotel price was also seen as favourable as it came in at $153 (£120/€140).

“There is absolutely no doubt Glasgow is a hub of music potential just waiting to be plugged into,” Planet Cruise said.

Lyon came in at No.2, and was one of three French cities on the list ahead of fifth-placed Marseille and 39th Paris. It missed out on top spot by just a fraction.

Lyon had the second-highest number of live music bars and festivals, as well as the third-highest number of arenas. The city fell behind on the number of regular gigs available but was helped by an average hotel cost of $114.

Zurich made up the top three with a score of 3.06. It topped the charts for live music venue, came second for arenas, and third for gigs. The study found its only drawback was pricy hotels which had an average cost of $199.

A Planet Cruise spokesperson said: “At its core, gig-tripping is all about travelling to new and exciting destinations to see your favourite artists, to attend music festivals, and immerse yourself in the musical culture of famous cities. You can spend as much or as little money as you want outside the music part of the trip, using it as an excuse to also see the local sights while you’re there, or you can book yourself into a hotel and head straight to the venue; the choice is yours, it’s simply about going somewhere interesting and enjoying the local live music scene.”

Europe dominated the upper echelons of the list, with 16th-placed Melbourne the highest ranked city from another continent.

The US was the most commonly found country on the list as it claimed six spots as Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, New York City, and Los Angeles all featured. None of these were in the top 20 however, as they placed 29th, 32nd, 33rd, 37th, 38th, and 40th, respectively.