The Denver Broncos NFL American football franchise has announced that it will not raise its ticket prices for next season.

In a letter to fans, Broncos president and chief executive Joe Ellis referenced the “disappointment for not reaching our goals after a promising start to the season,” and added that this will be the second consecutive year that ticket prices will remain the same.

In addition, Ellis noted that the Mile High Stadium staff would be working hard to boost the fan experience at the Broncos’ home.

This season, Broncos attracted the fifth highest total attendance in the NFL with 610,405 fans visiting its stadium at an average of 76,355 per game.

The Broncos missed out on the play-offs after finishing the regular-season campaign at the bottom of the AFC West division with a 5-11 win-loss record.

For the ongoing 2017 season, ticket prices in the NFL jumped by an average of six per cent year-on-year.

A year ago, the Broncos’ management cancelled hundreds of season tickets after an audit found that many ticket-holders were not attending games.

It is believed many of the ticket-holders had no intention of going to a game but rather sold their entire package on the secondary market.