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Four Tet goes 100% mobile with Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster has partnered with Four Tet, a British electronica producer, musician and DJ, to sell mobile tickets for four upcoming shows at O2 Academy Brixton.

All shows, which will be held in October, will be 100 per cent ticketed via mobile, with Four Tet aiming to get all tickets into the hands of genuine fans and restrict resale. Tickets will be priced at £5.

The digital-only tickets are tied to fans’ mobiles and can easily be transferred to a friend using a Ticketmaster account.

Four Tet specialises in all-night DJ sets and his gigs also feature special guests curated by himself. As part of his collaboration with Ticketmaster, the company’s Verified Fan scheme will be employed to deter bots and identify real fans.

Fans will have the chance to purchase tickets to the shows by registering through Verified Fan by August 28. Tickets across every date will be available to Verified Fans at 10am on August 31.

Andrew Parsons, managing director of Ticketmaster UK, said: “We’re putting mobile first, and leading the charge to a fully digital future – one we know artists and fans are ready for. These gigs present the perfect opportunity to use the tools we have to restrict resale from the get-go and give full control back to the artist over their own show. Combining our Verified Fan technology with 100 per cent digital ticketing will guarantee that O2 Academy Brixton is packed with real fans, paying exactly what Four Tet wants them to pay.”

Tom Baker, of the Eat Your Own Ears promoter, added: “It’s really great to be returning to O2 Academy Brixton to host Four Tet’s biggest shows to date. Two live shows in addition to the now legendary all-night DJ sets that always see him choose some amazing guests to join him, all for the price of £5. It’s fantastic to be working with Ticketmaster to ensure the die-hard fans are the ones at the shows, and that these £5 tickets aren’t bought and resold for profit by touts.”