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GUTS boasts ‘largest blockchain sale to date’

Dutch blockchain ticketing company GUTS Tickets has been named as the exclusive seller of tickets for comedian Jochem Myjer’s upcoming run of shows, powering what it claims to be the “largest ticket sale on the blockchain to date.”

Myjer’s ‘Adem in, adem uit’ (Breathe in, breathe out) tour will comprise 36 shows between next January and May, with all 50,000 tickets to be sold via GUTS Tickets.

Tickets for the tour, which will be held at Amsterdam’s Royal Theatre Carré, will go on sale on September 22, with all tickets to be sold through GUTS.

According to Dutch news agency ANP, this will ensure that the tickets cannot be resold. Tickets will be directly linked to the buyer’s mobile phone through GUTS.

The platform successfully trialled its service during last year’s Here Comes The Summer festival in the Netherlands. Its website states that its aim is to “create a transparent ticketing ecosystem, where disgraceful secondary market prices and ticket fraud are non-existent”.

Along with Myjer, GUTS’ partners include Dutch singer and songwriter Guus Meeuwis and comedian Youp van ‘t Hek.

Image: Maiconfz via Pixabay