Sinemia has revealed a weekday-only discount pricing system for its movie subscription plans for those days that have lower demand.

The new plan caters to the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian markets and will run on the lower-attendance days of Monday through Thursday.

The lowest price is a $4.99 subscription to see one film per month, which will now decrease to $3.99 on weekdays, excluding Fridays.

The most expensive plan is for an unlimited 2D membership has been reduced from $29.99 to $23.99, if used on weekdays.

“We’re constantly striving to help people see movies more affordably, while doing so in a way that supports the entire movie-going economy,” said Rifat Oguz, chief executive and founder of Sinemia.

“With our new weekday plans, people can see movies at an even steeper discount, encouraging attendance on days where most movie theatres have many empty seats.”

Members of Sinemia are able to reserve tickets and select seats in advance without any blackout dates or surge pricing.

The announcement comes a day after competitor AMC Cinemas revealed it would increase its monthly rate for its subscription plan across the 16 US states where the app is most popular.

Image: Pixabay