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Portugal slashes VAT on ticket purchases

The Portuguese government has made a substantial cut to the VAT implemented on ticket purchases for live entertainment events, more than halving the rate imposed on such purchases.

The Portuguese entertainment industry currently operates under a system by which 13% VAT is added to ticket purchases, but this will drop to 6% from January 1.

The news was confirmed in Portugal’s state budget for 2019, with the cut in the mainland to be accompanied by new rates of 5% and 4% for events in Madeira and the Azores, respectively. The move has been hailed by Portuguese event promoters’ body the APEFE.

It said in a statement: “We feel that this victory is not only for APEFE, but for culture and for all the Portuguese.

“But we cannot afford to solely feel immense pride and a sense of accomplishment with the vote. We were never alone in this race against absurdity and injustice, and our voice never ceased to be heard.”

Image: APEFE