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Event dating app Swoonbox to launch

Event-based dating app Swoonbox, which is integrated with Ticketmaster, TicketNetwork, Spotify and Fandango, is preparing for its public launch early this year.

The firm ran what it deemed a “successful” private beta trial of 3,000 users in New York City and is now ready for its public beta to launch in the App Store and Play Store in Q1 2019.

Co-founder Lester Leong discovered the idea for Swoonbox after winning tickets to the Great GoogaMooga, an exclusive Brooklyn food and music festival. Though the event was highly coveted, Lester’s date cancelled on him at the last minute, leaving him with a spare ticket and no viable options.

He said: “I watched the value of these tickets drop to zero because no one knew they were available. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard to find someone who would go with the same passion and interest – that’s when the lightbulb went off.”

Lester then joined forces with Glitnir Ticketing alumni Bryan Gray, along with its co-founders Gordon Krstacic and Bill McLean, to officially co-found Swoonbox.

Swoonbox chief executive Gray said: “The reality is, 75 per cent of dating app users never go on dates, and 97 per cent of in-app conversations don’t lead to real dates either. Millennials are swiping so much, they’ve become immune to making real connections.

“By making great date ideas the focal point, we’re putting the focus on going from online to offline as quickly as possible. It changes everything when you start with date ideas that you already know you’ll both love. With our global ticketing partners you can get matched and get tickets for just about any event you’re into.”

Swoonbox users can upload their existing tickets, or purchase tickets directly in-app, to meet like-minded people to go with. Since conversations revolve around specific events from the start, users are encouraged to meet up in real life.

Image: Tumisu