Two ticketing platforms, which are no longer operational, have settled the lawsuit between them that has been ongoing since 2014.

Ticketfly, which was purchased by Eventbrite in 2017, filed a request for dismissal of its lawsuit against Crowdtorch last month.

Ticketfly and Crowdtorch, which was bought by Vendini in 2015, were battling over a 2014 ticketing contract for venues including the New Parish in Oakland signed by former club owner Jason Perkins.

The lawsuit, filed in San Francisco Superior Court, saw Ticketfly accuse Perkins of defaulting on an exclusive ticketing deal he had signed with Ticketfly.

The current head of music at Eventbrite and Ticketfly co-founder Andrew Dreskin said in a sworn declaration that Ticketfly had offered to modify the agreement, but Perkins was unhappy and breached the terms in November of 2014, according to Amplify magazine. 

Perkins signed with Crowdtorch for a $500,000 signing bonus and Dreskin claims Parish owes Ticketfly $97,706 in outstanding payments from the signing bonus and another $418,445 in lost profits.

Ticketfly also sued Crowdtorch for contractual interference, but has now agreed to drop the charges after Vendini filed a motion to dismiss in October.

Vendini also filed a lawsuit against Parish for defaulting on the 2014 deal, though Perkins has repaid Vendini following a judge’s order.

The lawsuit between Parish and Ticketfly’s owners at Eventbrite could also be nearing a settlement, according to Amplify. 

Image: Pxhere