Arsenal will donate around 600 tickets for its FA Cup fourth round match with Manchester United to charities and good causes, following a dispute between the two clubs over fan allocations.

Earlier this week, United fans hit out at Arsenal after discovering that the London club was only offering away fans 5,000 tickets for the game.

FA Cup rules state that away teams can request a 15 per cent allocation for ties, meaning United could in theory have had 9,000 tickets.

Arsenal cited safety fears over not agreeing to the full allocation, but United filed a complaint with the English Football Association over the matter.

The FA ruled that the remaining 4,000 tickets could only be sold when the two clubs reached an agreement.

Arsenal then agreed to a suggestion from United that a symbolic 15 per cent of tickets should be given away to charities, with 600 tickets now being made available for free.

The Gunners host United at the Emirates Stadium on January 25 for a place in the fifth round.

Arsenal and United are the most successful clubs in the history of the FA Cup, with the London side winning the competition 13 times and the Red Devils 12.

Image: Arsenal mjh