Brisbane-based digital technology company TouchMate has added touchscreen ticket kiosks to video walls in several cinemas across Australia.

The new ticketing kiosks use touch sensor technology from UK-based firm Zytronic.

TouchMate director David Ellsworth said, according to AV Interactive: “Our system is an evolution of the current technology. Traditionally, the cinema might spend more than US$50,000 (£38,300/€44,000) on a video wall then install eight self-service kiosks that might cost an extra US$50,000+. If you merge the two technologies you halve the capital costs and costs of maintenance. You save space and money.”

Proximity sensors in the machine switch the video wall’s content, so that the customers search for the film they want to see and complete the transaction. Following the purchase, the content automatically switches back to the in-house CMS programming.

“We’ve been working with Zytronic since 2002 on a whole variety of products in a whole range of different industries,” said Ellsworth.

“The success of our cinema product is dependent on an edge-to-edge full screen glass touchscreen and Zytronic has achieved that. In this case, the bezel width of the touchscreen is right down to 1.8mm either side – 3.6mm from screen to screen in total. It’s almost seamless.”

TouchMate, along with its partner Zytronic, has installed four of these new touch walls into new cinemas in Australia and Ellsworth said “we’ve had zero issues.”

Image: dbreen