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Smart Pricer to integrate with SKIDATA ticketing systems

Smart Pricer has teamed up with SKIDATA to provide price optimisation solutions to partner ski resorts and mountain lifts.

Under the agreement, the pricing software has been integrated into SKIDATA’s ticketing system, allowing for real-time price adjustments, and provides the infrastructure for future dynamic pricing options for parking, entertainment venues, and sporting arenas.

Christian Kluge, co-founder and managing director of Smart Pricer, said: “We are very excited to be the new partner for ticket price optimisation in the world’s largest provider of ticketing systems in alpine sports regions. Through plug and play, we can directly provide SKIDATA’s customers access to our pricing know-how and our technology. We see great potential in this partnership and look forward to helping mountain lifts innovate their pricing.”

SKIDATA has more than 10,000 installations in ski resorts, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, cities, and spa facilities for access control.

Smart Pricer’s forecast algorithm uses historical data, dates of holidays, weather conditions, and dozens of other features, such as bed occupancy, to predict the number of skiers for each day of the season.

SKIDATA’s customers can update and accept ticket prices with one click, while retaining full control over the minimum and maximum value of price fluctuation and the pace of the price adjustment.

Hugo Rohner, chief executive of SKIDATA, said: “We have the claim to be one step ahead of the market in terms of technology. That’s why we work with partners like Smart Pricer to provide the best solutions to our customers.”

Image: Smart Pricer