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Jaguars team up with KORE to boost fan insights

The Jacksonville Jaguars NFL franchise has teamed up with KORE Software to upgrade its data warehousing, CRM and business intelligence platforms.

The Florida-based team has integrated the firm’s data warehouse and analytics, its ticketing and fan engagement software, and its sponsorship and partner engagement applications.

Arri Landsman-Roos, vice-president of decision science for the Jaguars, said: “Through our due diligence, it became clear that KORE’s staff understood our organisational needs and their platform provided the accuracy and reliability needed for us to drive the business forward.

“Even in just the past few weeks, we have seen tremendous progress with extracting value from our ticketing, CRM and digital marketing data.”

Landsman-Roos said the Jaguars are hoping to provide a deeper level of fan insights across multiple departments, starting with a foundational data warehouse platform to act as the organisation’s data hub, integrating feeds from their ticketing system, digital marketing platform, point of sale systems and social media accounts.

The Jaguars marketing team has also engaged KORE Planning & Insights (KPI), its business intelligence consulting division. Over the next year, KPI will work closely with the team’s digital marketing staff to enhance their capabilities around driving marketing automation through data.

Josh Margulies, director of marketing for the Jaguars, said: “The fact that KPI knows the technical details of our data as well as digital marketing strategy and campaign design really opens up a lot of possibilities for us.”

KORE has also joined the sponsorship team at English Premier League football club Fulham, which will use the sponsorship and partner engagement platform. Both the Jaguars and Fulham are owned by Shahid Khan.

Adam Grow, KORE Software’s chief operating officer, added: “We have always emphasised the importance of transparency and collaboration within our products. For ownership groups that oversee multiple properties, especially with an international footprint, the significance of those capabilities only grows.”