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Activity Stream unveils ‘Certified Consultants’ programme

Business solutions company Activity Stream has launched a ‘Certified Consultants’ programme to help its clients facilitate the adoption of new users and expand on current markets.

Activity Stream focuses on technology solutions within the live entertainment and sports industries, with several ticketing partners, such as Ticketmaster and Eventim.

The firm, in collaboration with a few select consultants, has now developed a pre-defined onboarding package for new clients, consisting of six sessions looking at quick wins, customer and marketing excellence as well as how to best ensure adoption.

Clients and consultants can also set up custom engagements reflecting their existing relationships.

Dave Wakeman, who works with a large number of organisations around the world, is one of the first consultants to sign up to the programme to help clients look at how to improve business through new revenue streams, customer experience and marketing.

Wakeman said: “The Activity Stream platform is transformative for the organisations using it. Never before has technology been designed in a way to help organisations so specifically and meaningfully create magical engagement with their customers.

“These magic moments are valuable, profitable, and, maybe, most importantly, extremely fun and rewarding. So I’m excited to have a chance to partner with Activity Stream and their partners to deploy the technology and put it to work as a tool to assist in audience development and maintenance.”

Einar Saevarsson, chief executive of Activity Stream, said: “We are very excited! The human element is a critical factor when it comes to implementing the organisational changes in adapting to smarter ways of working, and by partnering with the best consultants in the industry we believe that our clients will experience more success, faster. Our goal has always been to help organisations reach their full potential by putting their data to work and this is a great step in that direction.”

Activity Stream said it would be adding consultants across the world in the coming weeks and months to provide clients with a consultant knowledgeable of their market.

Image:  Tumisu (pixabay.com)