Fans of Coheed and Cambria have expressed their anger after confusing the American rock band’s Platinum VIP meet and greet tickets with the firm’s dynamically-priced official platinum tickets.

Many fans purchased Ticketmaster’s so-called platinum passes, which see prices move up and down based on demand, and assumed they were paying the extra money to meet the band.

Fans were blaming the Live Nation-owned ticketing firm and accused them of bait and switch tactics.

One fan said: “This is probably one of the shadiest moves Ticketmaster has made – it feels intentionally confusing. It doesn’t make sense to call it platinum if it’s just a seat, but they know people are rushed so they make it confusing to sell them at a bigger margin.”

Following a barrage of Twitter complaints, the progressive rock outfit issued a statement: “Since we started doing our meet and greets many years ago, we’ve always called it “Platinum VIP.” Never really had a problem until last year or so, Ticketmaster started calling some of their tickets “Official Platinum.”

“So this year, we have been running into the issue where some people have purchased the Ticketmaster platinum ticket, and expect to have a meet and greet when they get to the venue.

“Sadly, only those who purchased our Platinum VIP package get a meet and greet.”

ATTN: PLATINUM BUYERS Since we started doing our meet and greets many years ago, we've always called it "Platinum VIP."…

Posted by Coheed and Cambria on Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Image: Tracey T