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Go-Tix app integrates ‘Enjoy Jakarta’ tourism page

Go-Tix, the Indonesian booking service established by ride-hailing firm Go-Jek, is set to integrate local tourism feature ‘Enjoy Jakarta’ into the ticketing platform’s app.

Michael Say, Go-Jek’s vice president of corporate affairs, said the collaboration with the Jakarta administration helped the development of ‘smart tourism.’

Smart tourism refers to the application of information and communication technology, such similar to the smart cities, for developing innovative tools and approaches to improve tourism.

He said, according to The Jakarta Post: “Through Go-Tix, Go-Jek is providing a column exclusively for Enjoy Jakarta. Users can use Go-Tix features to buy tickets online, promoting events through counters and even the provision of pickup and delivery points.”

The tourism feature is now live on the app and available on Go-Tix through its own landing page.

Say continued: “In Indonesia, Jakarta is the first province to have an exclusive page to publicise events and tourist destinations on Go-Jek.”

He also said he hoped the feature would make tourist destinations in the capital more accessible.

Go-Tix offers movie tickets and passes for music, sports, workshops, and art and cultural events. It also provides film details and information on events on its website, in addition to exclusive ticket deals.

Go-Tix also offers tickets for journeys through the archipelago and passes for recreational parks.

Image: Pixino