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Manchester City to pilot facial recognition technology

Blink Identity says it is to pilot its facial recognition solutions at Premier League champions Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

The Texas-headquartered tech company said the roll out was confirmed after it was successful in the recent five-day City Startup Challenge in Manchester, which was run by City Football Group (CFG).

The Ticketmaster-backed company won a pilot project opportunity at the Etihad Stadium by demonstrating its proprietary facial recognition solution and how it can enhance the fan experience and engagement.

Blink Identity said it was selected to start work in the next few weeks with the City Football Group, facilitating its VIP and academy access solutions. It said its product can improve both the overall experience and guest security.

“We’re thrilled to have been chosen to work with the City Football Group, integrating our facial recognition at walking speed solution into their elite programming,” said Mary Haskett, CEO and co-founder of Blink Identity.

“Our state-of-the-art biometric technology has high throughput rates and accuracy, which, combined with our ‘privacy first’ policy, will improve dwell times, overall and specific security issues, and also back and front of the house operations for this prestigious organisation.”

CFG was approached by TheTicketingBusiness to comment on the project but has yet to respond.

Last year Blink Identity secured $1.5m in a new seed-funding round, with contributions from Ticketmaster.

The ticketing giant said it invested in the facial recognition solutions provider because it wants to integrate the firm’s technology with its Presence tool.