Netball Australia has been criticised for hiking ticket prices for the Super Netball semi-final on Sunday amid reports of empty seats.

Tickets for the high-stakes game between the Melbourne Vixens and Collingwood Magpies cost between Aus$38 (£21/€23/$26) to Aus$55, with the platinum and diamond seats that made up the majority of the 3,050-seat stadium priced between Aus$110 and Aus$115.

Meanwhile, the prices for the preliminary final to be played at Sydney’s 3,854-capacity NSW State Sports Centre ranged from Aus$33 to Aus$39 for general tickets, while platinum seats started at Aus$47, with one section of exclusive diamond tickets at Aus$70.

Fans took to Twitter to query the issue, with one stating: “Wonder why ticket prices were so much higher in Melbourne than here? I mean, same 3,000 capacity?”

Another responded: “Would love @NetballVic to let us know why the tickets for the minor semi final cost more than the tickets for the major semi final?”

In addition, fans were frustrated by the additional parking and ticket processing fees tacked on by Netball Australia, which takes back control of ticketing a venues during finals.

The Vixens boasts average attendance figures of 6,000 each week at the 10,500-capacity Melbourne Arena, far outweighing the 3,050-capacity semi-final venue.

Image: Bob Tan