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Ticketmaster International Summit covers all things ‘ticketing, data and tech’

Ticketmaster held its annual International Summit this week in London, with a keynote from president Jared Smith and sessions spanning upselling, digital tickets and accessibility.

Sarah Slater, Ticketmaster UK’s vice-president of music and festivals said on LinkedIn ahead of the event kicking off yesterday (Wednesday): “It’s our Ticketmaster International summit where we will be welcoming over 700 of our clients from all over the 30 territories we operate in to discuss all things, tickets, data and tech.”

A session entitled ‘Beyond the Ticket’ focused on upselling in the ticketing industry, with Ticketmaster claiming it has now sold over 600 different products and services online.

It said: “There’s a circle of return. Incremental value gives a better experience, a better experience creates a happier fan, and a happier fan is more likely to return. The more upsells a customer purchases on Ticketmaster, the more likely they are to come back and buy.”

In another session called ‘What Fans Want,’ Ticketmaster’s SVP marketing and insights Don Pawley told industry professionals that “one size does not fit all.”

He added in the discussion: “Expectations are higher than ever before, and fans want recommendations served to them. In fact, affinity artists deliver 60 per cent of sales. We have built our own recommendation engine that does just that, most visibly in TicketAlert but on other platforms too.”

Disability-led charity Attitude is Everything’s chief executive Suzanne Bull was in attendance to find out how Ticketmaster plans to improve accessible bookings and bring access bookings online.

In addition, the Summit’s break room was decorated with key statistics from Ticketmaster’s latest State of Play: Festival 2019 report.