Sports Events 365 says it has experienced a significant operational boost since the introduction of a new supplier interface, which allows clients to provide immediate confirmation on 80 per cent of all sporting event tickets.

The company, which works with travel agencies, tour operators, and other travel customers, has seen a sharp increase in traffic and a doubling of immediate confirmation on orders following the introduction this summer of its new supplier interface.

”Immediate confirmations are critical for our customers and we expect the trend we have witnessed since introducing the new interface will continue to grow,” said Sefi Donner, founder and chief executive of Sports Events 365.

The interface, which was developed in-house in cooperation with leading travel industry software houses, is available to major ticket vendors. The new tool allows suppliers to post prices and quantities of tickets for sporting events from a PC or a smartphone app. The user-friendly tool gives Sports Events 365 total control over the entire process.

The introduction of the new interface for ticket vendors is also part of Sports Events 365’s B2B momentum, which has seen over 60 per cent of its revenues last year derived from B2B ticket sales.

The firm said that the trend toward B2B sales has intensified in the past few years as an increasing number of travel industry providers have discovered how major sports events can contribute to their bottom line.

Sports Events 365 has also recently partnered with two new software houses in the travel space, Germany’s GP Solutions and Vibe Systems of the UK.