Eticket4, the Russian peer-to-peer ticket marketplace, has attracted $1m of new investment as it seeks to grow its market share.

The VC.RU website reports that Eticket4’s owners have agreed a $1m investment deal with a group of individual investors, including David Izraelov and other unnamed individuals.

The website reports that the capital injection will be made in several stages based on a $2.8m company valuation.

Eticket4 did not respond to TheTicketingBusiness’ request for clarification of the investment.

The investment comes just two months after Moscow-based Eticket4 attracted investment in a non-equity deal from Sergey Dashkov’s

Eticket4, which was founded in 2016, has around 100,000 users, which is up more than 10% on summer figures.

The VC.RU report claims Eticket4 expects to generate this year more than $3.1m in turnover and $1.1m in income. Last year it achieved just $50,000 in profit.