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Buffalo Bills hike season ticket prices again in 2020

NFL American football franchise the Buffalo Bills has increased season ticket prices by an average of 4.6 per cent for the 2020 campaign.

Average ticket prices per game will rise from $89.56 to $93.67, though some tickets will increase by up to $13.

All seats will face a hike, with the location determining by how much. Roughly a third will go up by just $1 to $2, while 31 per cent will increase by $3 to $5, and 25 per cent will be raised between $6 and $8. Twelve per cent of tickets will be raised by $9 and $13 per game.

Non-premium seats will range from $36 to $126 per game, meaning the cheapest season ticket will be $360, which is the second lowest in the NFL. Meanwhile, the most expensive will be $1,259 for a seat between the 40-yard lines.

“I think the organisation is happy to do that. I think we understand the size of our stadium,” said Chris Colleary, the team’s vice president of ticket sales and service, according to Buffalo News. “We have a lot of volume to fill and we have to be price sensitive to do that.”

The Bills increased season ticket prices by an average of 2.11 per cent from 2018 to 2019, an increase of $1.85 per seat per game.

The Bills, who play at the 71,608-capacity New Era Field run by Pegula Sports and Entertainment, saw average attendances of 68,839 in 2019.

Image: Idibri