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Broadway’s American Utopia breaks box office house record

David Byrne’s American Utopia has set a box office house record at the 970-seat Hudson Theatre on Broadway after bringing in $1.4m last week.

The seven performances of American Utopia put the theatrical concert’s box office at 154 per cent of its potential, meaning that the sale of premium-priced seats pushed the take above and beyond its standard-price potential.

The Broadway show’s average ticket price last week was $211, with the top end of tickets reaching $649. Across the show’s 26 Broadway performances, ticket prices averaged out at $113.

The record surpassed the previous Broadway show, Sunday in the Park with George in April 2017, which brought in just under $1.3m

Utopia‘s receipts helped drive Broadway’s overall box office for the week to $27m, up from $26m the previous week.

During this Broadway season to date, it has seen total attendance down two per cent year-on-year to 10.1 million and has grossed more than $1.2m to date, a fall of around five per cent.

Image: David Joyce