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Disability access card online system made free for ticket offices, venues

Nimbus Disability has made its Access Card online system free for all venues, events and ticket offices.

Nimbus, an organisation created to meet the needs of organisations understanding and implementing the Equality Act for Disabled People, launched its Access Card in 2014, meaning D/deaf and disabled customers could easily and discreetly give information to providers about the sort of needs they have.

Access requirements are verified and distilled into a number of symbols, which are then printed onto a photo ID Card and used when booking tickets or when arriving at venues. It means people don’t have to go into depth about personal information when booking.

The group said the card has proved immensely popular since its launch – with around 25,000 active cardholders in the UK and beyond.

Nimbus Disability said the card was developed “due to demand from both disabled people and businesses, each wanting a more efficient and dignified way to communicate needs and evidence disability.”

The organisation has also developed a system whereby individuals Access Cards can be validated remotely, meaning that for the first time disabled people are able to purchase tickets in one transaction with a provider without having to send additional forms of evidence.