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US-based Live Events Coalition calls for federal support

A new coalition has launched in the US to urge the federal government to support companies within the live events industry during a period of uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Live Events Coalition has been formed following the launch of a petition calling for a federal aid package to support the events industry. At the time of writing, the Change.org petition, which calls for “new innovative economic leadership” to address the industry’s crisis, has gathered over 355,000 signatures.

The petition has been signed by a number of industry figures, including Isaac Rothwell, Randy Pruitt, Trevor Zulinke and Adam Gogan of Digerati Productions, and Omar Colom of AV Educate.

“For the next 6-12 months, we are looking at monumental setbacks for all business across the board in professional collaboration and business development,” the petition reads.

“These setbacks are due to not being able to attend business meetings, be it large conventions, tradeshows, trainings product launches and the list goes on. If the live events and business meetings industry, which is the invisible fabric that ties our US business culture together, is not able to recover quickly, then all industries will be delayed in (their) recovery efforts as well. The potential economic losses are almost incalculable at this point.”

A number of venues across the US have closed in recent days following President Donald Trump’s warning against gatherings of more than 10 people.