Live events organisations had the second highest approval rating from Australians for their response to the Covid-19 crisis, second only to doctors.

The first of TEG Insights & TEG Analytics’ new weekly Covid-19 Sentiment Tracker found 83 per cent of people thought positively about the way the live industry responded to outbreak, following a rapid succession of cancellations, postponements and often, refunds.

The industry came second behind doctors, who scored a 90 per cent approval rating from a sample of more than 500 Australians.

Politicians were ranked favourably by 66 per cent of respondents. Social media was the area respondents were least satisfied with, scoring a disapproval rating of 63 per cent.

Andrew Reid, general manager of TEG Insights and TEG Analytics, said: “We are glad that we are in a position to offer these unique insights into how the country is thinking about what many are calling the greatest challenge we have faced as a nation since World War II.

“We will be updating the Covid-19 Sentiment Tracker every week for our clients and asking new and bespoke questions to deliver them insights to help them and their people navigate this most difficult time.”

The survey indicated that 41 per cent of Australians believe life will “go back to normal” within six months while a third think the return to normality will take between six months and 12 months.

The majority of Australians (83%) are concerned that people close to them will be infected, compared with 63 per cent being concerned about being infected themselves. Almost 90 per cent reported being very concerned or somewhat concerned about the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

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