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NFL fans remain ‘excited’ and responsive to ticket offers amid pandemic

NFL American football fans have reported being more likely to respond to a discounted single game ticket offer in the next 30 days compared to before the Covid-19 outbreak shut down the rest of the sporting world.

A study by Forbes on how NCAA American football and NFL fans are feeling after the government added another 30 days of social distancing in the US found that overall, more than three-quarters of fans are just as likely or more likely to respond to ticket offers than before, with around 85 per cent being favourable toward single-game offers or value-add deals.

With five months to go until the leagues kick off, ticket executives, who usually release on-sale dates of ticket packages and offers in April, are likely concerned about the response from fans amid the pandemic, which has already halted all other major league sports in their tracks.

In terms of responses to ticketing offers, the value-added deal of four tickets plus a jersey giveaway (to the buyer) almost saw as much interest from respondents as the single-game ticket discounts for both NCAA and NFL fans.

There is a greater proportion of NFL fans who are more interested in season tickets or subscription plans than those reporting less interest.

The survey also looked into whether fans would be likely to add $25 (NCAA) or $50 (NFL) for ticket insurance for each pair of tickets bought, with the money going to Athletics for scholarships and recruiting or to an NFL team’s charities if the season is played in full.

It found for NCAA fans that 34 per cent were somewhat likely, while 16 per cent were highly likely and 13 per cent were certain to add the insurance. The other 38 per cent had no interest in season tickets. The NFL saw similar numbers with 34 per cent being somewhat, 15 per cent being highly likely, and 12 per cent being certain to add the insurance. The other 40 per cent had no interest in season tickets.

Almost two thirds of American football fans (73%) said they remained excited about the prospect of the season kicking off in late August, while just over half reported feeling anxious.

As it stands, the NFL plans to kickoff September 10, with the situation being monitored with five months to go.

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