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Concertgoers to make out-of-home entertainment a priority post-lockdown – survey

Almost 65 per cent of concertgoers said they would make it a priority to return to out-of-home entertainment activities once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, according to the latest survey by Vivendi Brand Marketing.

The report, titled Entertainment in the New World, also found that concertgoers, defined as those who attended concerts at least once a month prior to the lockdown, actually ranked cinemas as the most likely form of entertainment they would go for post-lock down, with live music ranked second with 22 per cent and then theatre/opera with 21 per cent.

However, when looking at the entire sample of 7,200 respondents, not just the 1,300 concertgoers surveyed, only 44 per cent said they would make it a priority to go out immediately post-lockdown.

The study also revealed that roughly half of concertgoers said they would return to their previous entertainment habits, while 25 per cent said they would opt for more virtual entertainment post-lockdown, and 22 per cent said they would leave the house more often going forward.

Maria Garrido, chief insights officer at Havas Group and SVP of brand marketing at Vivendi, said, according to Pollstar: “Generally speaking, concert goers over-consume all forms of content vs. the general population. Across everything we looked at, they’re more anxious to get back to content in every shape and form.”

Those who said they make the return to physical live experience a priority, have fewer children and fit into a younger age bracket. Meanwhile, respondents that have kids said they would increase their consumption of live streamed online music videos by 15 per cent.

Garrido added: “The challenge for the industry is to build the right business model around this kind of approach. We saw a lot of live digital concerts happening over the confinement, but most of those were free. Coming out of lockdown, our industry needs to innovate around physical, digital and the crossroads of both in live entertainment experiences.”

The study was conducted during lockdown across nine countries to figure out “how people’s entertainment habits changed during confinement and what they believed they would be doing coming out of confinement,” Garrido told Pollstar.

Looking at the entire survey, not just concertgoers, almost 90 per cent of people said they had discovered new forms of entertainment they had not previously considered, including digital media and services.

In addition, 60 per cent declared that they used more paid services than before and for 1 in 5, it was the first time they had paid for such services.

More than half said they would return to previous entertainment habits, while 23 per cent said their post-lockdown habits would change to include more virtual experiences, and the other 22 per cent said they would seek out more physical, face-to-face experiences.