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New events and ticketing app GRID to help bring audiences back

A new events app called GRID allows venues to track and trace attendees in a post-COVID-19 world, while also providing ticketing and other features.

The COVID-19 registration feature means contact tracing can be done by the venue, rather than individuals who would no longer need to fill out forms on the night.

GRID facilitates ticketing and check-in, as well as allowing drinks and snacks to be ordered from the table, which will be delivered by “hygiene-trained, mask-equipped staff.”

The app’s co-founder Max Gansow told Pollstar that the development of the app had kicked off prior to the pandemic after identifying “shortcomings in running offline events, with or without Corona.”

Gansow added: “Similar to how businesses like Shopify made it possible for offline shops to go online and have visibility over their business in order to run and scale them more efficiently, GRID provides a similar solution for clubs, festivals, bars and restaurants. Even something like sporting events could benefit from using GRID.”

German venue Kiesgrube, which usually hosts EDM DJs, has partnered with GRID in order to bring back events with an audience.

Visitors hoping to attend an event at Kiesgrube need to download the GRID app, enter their payment details and top it up with drink credit.

The COVID-19 registration has become mandatory for guests in Germany in order to facilitate the tracing of infection chains.

The venue has turned its usual dance floor into a socially distanced space using tables for up to eight individuals.

Tom Preuss, the Kiesgrube founder and investor in GRID, told Pollstar: “Unfortunately dancing is not allowed…government rules. Guests must stay at their table, with a reservation only. But they can still enjoy the music, the atmosphere, and the good vibes together as a group.”

He added: “Corona brought us to our knees. There are just so, so many things that can go wrong in this situation. When you exchange cash, when you’re asking the guest in line for their name, go through the guest list, ask them their name again, when you take their ticket to pick up their coat, when you ask them what drink they want, and on and on. With the app, you don’t risk any of that!”