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Tickets.com enables social distanced venue entry with Boundary Devices

Tickets.com has teamed up with technology provider Boundary Devices to enable fans to enter venues while maintaining a safe social distance from other patrons and venue staff.

The system will offer kiosks and suite readers that enable self-service operation and use near field communications (NFC) technology to provide a contactless entry point.

The Boundary Devices hardware is paired with Alfred, the all-in-one access control/ticket validation solution from Tickets.com. Alfred provides the ability to validate traditional barcodes, but also digital tickets and contactless tickets via NFC.

It also supports entry/exit scanning, entry restrictions, timed admission, and controlled interior access to areas such as suites and clubs.

The turnstiles and suite scanners are equipped with barcode readers and NFC sensors for capturing ticket data for validation and can be unattended to allow for social distancing.

Pejman Kalkhoran, chief executive at Boundless Devices, said: “The introduction of our pedestal scanning solution allows quicker entry into the stadiums while simultaneously reducing personnel costs. The devices are controlled remotely, providing venues with unparalleled access to the data at each device location.

“Our integration with Alfred is a game-changing feature which has resulted in superior performance and improved integration with the Tickets.com ProVenue backend.”