Azzumi, an online ticketing platform that combines social media and the events sector, has launched its new app.

The New York City-based company’s platform, which provides users with event management capabilities, online tracking systems, digital tickets and enhanced social media specialities, offers features such as messaging and sharing posts.

Users can see who they follow and who they subscribe to the same event with. The app will allow users to engage with fellow subscribers both virtually and physically as it is designed to help people gain access to events that will “enrich their social life.”

It also provides digitised ticket selling and purchasing and Azzumi users can view local and global events.

People can join events once invites are posted by the organiser and as more people attend events at a particular location, they will be provided the ability to review the venue.

In the feed section of the app, one-on-one, group or event chats can be initiated. These chats provide Azzumi users with the ability to gather information regarding contact information of the event organisers and details on the events, among other things.

Azzumi chief executive Can Atıkır said: “The slogan of Azzumi is ‘Enjoy Life to The Fullest,’ and we can’t wait to show the world how Azzumi can help them unlock the world in new and exciting ways.”