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Ticketmaster unveils new North American leadership team

Ticketmaster has announced a series of leadership appointments within the North American team as part of the company’s move towards a global business model.

Marla Ostroff, who has worked at Ticketmaster for more than three decades, has been promoted to managing director of Ticketmaster, North America.

She said: “Clients are the foundation of our business and our goal is to ensure their highest level of satisfaction across our full array of services.

“To do so, we will act as the communication and project management hub across our many teams, aligning our energies to maximise delivery for our clients and their customers. I look forward to embarking on this new challenge at such a pivotal time for us, alongside some remarkable colleagues.”

In addition, Trevor Allin has been promoted to executive vice-president, business and commercial operations, North America. He was most recently at the helm of the Canadian Ticketmaster business and will remain on in that role as managing director of Canada.

Maura Gibson, who has more than 23 years of ticketing and software experience within Ticketmaster, Live Nation and Front Gate Tickets, has been appointed to a new role as executive vice-president, client solutions and strategy, North America.

Mark Yovich, president of Ticketmaster, said: “The formation of this leadership team adds great momentum to Ticketmaster North America as well as our global strategy, and the fact that the team is made up of celebrated Ticketmaster veterans speaks to the incredible talent we have within our ranks.

“I have every faith that Marla, Trevor, and Maura will drive the North American business forward to even further success and are more than ready to lead and innovate a live entertainment comeback.”

Last month, Ticketmaster confirmed its “truly global” executive leadership team with details revealed of the ticketing giant’s plans to evolve to offer a self-service ticketing platform.

Ticketmaster and its parent company, which currently operates in 32 countries, has made international expansion a known priority, with 115 million tickets delivered internationally in 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Live Nation’s 2020 financial results for the three months to end of June showed that its global ticketing operation posted negative revenue in the quarter, due to customer refunds.

Despite aggressive cost-cutting measures, the live entertainment giant furloughed and laid off hundreds of its North American workforce as a result of the pandemic in April. This was followed by a series of cuts in May that affected 2,100 of its 10,500 employees across multiple divisions at the company to reduce costs by $600m as live events remained dormant.

In September, it instigated a further round of furloughs across its US venues and Ticketmaster North America divisions. It is estimated that hundreds of employees have been affected by the cost-reduction measures brought on by the continued strain of COVID-19, although the exact number of cuts are unclear.