Eventbrite has acquired self-service social-marketing platform ToneDen, which works with creators to help them attract and grow audiences.

The ticketing and event management company has been a partner of ToneDen since 2017 through the Eventbrite App Marketplace.

The acquisition is effective immediately and is not expected to have a material impact on Eventbrite’s near-term financial results.

Eventbrite said in a statement: “Building audiences and engaging ticket buyers is critical to all creators’ successes, and Eventbrite believes that creators will rely on solutions that address these needs more than ever once it’s safe for in-person events to resume. In fact, 80 per cent of Eventbrite creators surveyed identified marketing as a top need for their business.

“Embedding ToneDen’s offerings strengthens Eventbrite’s ability to drive consumer demand for its creators’ events and moves the company closer to providing a comprehensive suite of tools to help creators connect with new and existing audiences and sell more tickets to their experiences.”

Eventbrite noted that ToneDen has worked with more than one million customers since its launch in 2015.

ToneDen added: “Looking ahead towards our next stage of growth, we’re excited to help the hundreds of thousands of wonderful event organisers on Eventbrite find, reach, and engage with their attendees without having to be marketing experts.

“Now more than ever, event creators need ways to grow, understand, and monetise their audiences. With Eventbrite, we plan to bring our technology and expertise to help provide event creators with an all-in-one platform for their entire event lifecycle.

“As digital transformation accelerates the world around us, we believe ToneDen and Eventbrite will be able to help event organisers, big or small, build their communities and grow their businesses faster than ever before.”

Earlier this month, Eventbrite reported a 75 per cent drop in revenue for Q3, compared with the same period in 2019.

The ticketing and event management company reported $21.8m of revenue for Q3, down from $82m in the same period last year. However, the figures were an improvement on Q2, which saw Eventbrite bring in revenue of $8.4m.