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Dutch festival Dekmantel names Eventix as ticketing partner

Dutch electronic music festival company Dekmantel has appointed Eventix as its new ticketing platform.

Dekmantel organises four festivals a year, including Lente Kabinet, Dekmantel Festival, Dekmantel Selectors and Dekmantel São Paulo. The first two are in the Amsterdam area, the Selectors edition is in Tisno, Croatia and Dekmantel São Paulo is in Brazil.

This year, Dekmantel Festival, which will take place from August 4-8, is expected to attract more than 15,000 visitors a day to the Amsterdamse Bos and various other locations throughout the city. The Eventix news comes after the Dutch government this week unveiled plans to allow festivals to take place from July 1 and will provide insurance for events that are cancelled after that date due to COVID-19.

Joost Aanen, chief executive of Eventix, said: “As music and festival lovers we have been looking forward to working with this organisation for years. As an organisation, Dekmantel is clearly a phenomenon and fits perfectly with the Eventix brand. We are confident that in working together with Dekmantel we will provide their festival visitors with the best possible experience.”

Eventix, which has sold more than two million tickets to events including concerts, festivals, club nights, theatres and sports, is a self-service digital ticketing company, providing event organisers with technology to shift tickets.

Bert de Rooij, Dekmantel festival director, said: “The independent character of Eventix was very important to us. In addition, we recognise ourselves in the energy Eventix puts in setting up their own organisation. If something can’t be done, Eventix will just build it themselves.

“In the end, it’s the flexibility they have to build things that are not there yet and to always look for what can be improved, no matter how small the detail.”

Dekmantel also has its own music label, hosts a podcast/radio series and runs its own music blog. In previous years, it has also organised all sorts of separate events and club nights.

Image: Eventix