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Tix announces first two Belgian clients

Tix, the Icelandic arts ticketing platform, has signed its first two clients in Belgium with deSingel and Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.

DeSingel, which is located on the outskirts of Antwerp, comprises a mid-sized concert hall, a large hall for theatre and dance, an exhibition space, a music studio and a theatre studio.

The venue explained it has been working with the same ticketing provider for some time, but despite operating according to plan, the organisation felt there was a “lack of innovation.”

“We felt the infrastructure was not in touch with modern needs and new possibilities that could have boosted our productivity a while back,” a statement from deSingel explained. “We chose Tix exactly for that reason: they show a thorough knowledge and ambition into offering the best solutions, be it in constructing an instinctive, easy to use platform to run our day-to-day sales on, or even building an array of solutions, tailored to suit our needs.

“We feel that this dynamic work ethic will help us greatly in reducing workload and, just as important, making processes easier for our patrons – thus making our software infrastructure futureproof in these uncertain times. Add to that the very pleasant communication we enjoyed to great extent, making our choice a logical one: we look forward to achieving our goals with Tix as our motor.”

The Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, which was formed in 2014 when the Royal Ballet of Flanders merged with the Flemish Opera, is currently the largest cultural institution in Flanders, and is active in both Antwerp and Ghent.

Its offices, stages, rehearsal rooms and studios are spread over three locations, which are the Antwerp opera house, ‘t Eilandje (ballet) and opera Ghent. Both Antwerp and Ghent have a box office in the opera house.

The Opera Ballet Vlaanderen also said in statement that its current ticketing partner had “stopped developing and had missed the boat of putting the user, both in the back office and as an end user online, in the first place.”

It said: “After a thorough research we realised that in TIX we had found this pioneering partner again, with a truly future proof ticket software with impressive built-in marketing opportunities that could bring the necessary change in our organisation.

“We were also impressed by the flexibility they showed to implement some important specific features for us in only a few weeks’ time.”

Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, in addition to operas and ballets, it also organises concerts, youth performances and numerous broadening and in-depth activities.

The organisation continued: “Even the ‘price-per-ticket’-model – very new for our market – convinced us, as the TIX management made clear that in this way they would their very best to help us sell more paid tickets, as they would profit from that too: a no nonsense approach that we appreciate very much. We’re enormously looking forward to onboard on this challenging but certainly inspiring journey.”

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