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Who’s growing at pace?

After a year of venue closures and mass sector redundancies, it’s refreshing to see some hints of recovery – especially on the Jobs board here at TheTicketingBusiness.

Over Easter we took a look around at which ticketing (and related) businesses are hiring: getting their talent lined up ahead of the restart of the live entertainment sector. We looked at a wide variety of players, from the giant incumbent market leaders through to the barely-known start-ups.

And we found a company with the most open positions – a new(ish) ticketing business called Vivenu, operating out of Germany.

With (at the time of writing) 25 open positions detailed on its web site  – from software, product development and customer service through to sales and marketing – this company is clearly gearing up its operations for growth. The message is “Join us to empower limitless ticketing”

Presently all open roles are restricted to either Berlin or Düsseldorf, with a preference for German speakers but interestingly – and perhaps reflective its international ambitions – all roles have also been simultaneously advertised in English. 

TheTicketingBusiness.com understands that the company is set to announce some big news in North America and a few other key strategic non-DACH markets in Europe. Perhaps indicative of the European plans, Paris-based Joachim Sayegh – former Manager of Sports, Arenas & Leisure at SeeTickets – joined the German group last month.  

Vivenu garnered headlines with its Series A funding round last December which saw it raise US$15m in new investment, led by Balderstone Capital. But it has been quietly building up its client base, product offer and potential since its establishment in 2018. The platform is described as “API-first” and was designed as a result of more than 1,400 user interviews with promoters, venues, sports and entertainment businesses and ticket-system users.

Intriguingly its founders come from outside the world of ticketing – with stints at advertising agencies, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, insurance giant AXA and banks for the three co-founders. 

Simon Hennes, chief executive and co-founder of Vivenu, told us: “We created Vivenu to address the need of ticket sellers for a user-centric ticketing platform. Event organisers were stuck with solutions that heavily depend on manual processes, causing high costs, dependencies, and frustration on various levels.

“We refuse to accept the status quo and are building a unified platform to free ticket sellers from tedious workflows and to become the full owner of their ticketing experience and data. Especially over the past year, the transformation of the industry was accelerated with sellers striving for better ways to sell tickets.”

Daniel Waterhouse, partner at Balderton, added: “Vivenu has built a sophisticated product and set of APIs that gives event organisers full control of their ticketing operations, bringing control of administration, promotions, branding and ticket types into the hands of the organiser and away from legacy incumbents whose rigid offerings are no longer fit for purpose.

“[They] have achieved strong early success and have been nimble and quick to react in the face of a challenging year, offering technology to help event organisers to remain compliant with local regulations. With limited time and resources, they have built a category-leading product and we couldn’t be more excited to join them on their journey towards global market leadership.”

The job descriptions for its Sales positions indicate that Vivenu’s sales goals are “7x by Q4 21”. Growth at pace indeed.

Anyone else in ticketing looking to hire 25+ staff in the next month ? Or just one or two? Let us know. We’d like to help all of our talented friends return to the business we love!

Image credit: Vivenu on LinkedIN

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